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Infrared Imaging

Reducing Energy Costs

Reducing Downtime and Repair Costs

Increasing Reliability 


Lightning bolts Hot Fuse
  Infrared of fuse running hot

Infrared Advantages

Locate the Problem Before Equipment Fails

Having a proactive maintenance program can save thousands of dollars each year. Infrared thermography plays a key role in maintaining your equipment. Visual examinations and inspections can't show you the details that you can see using Infrared inspections. Infrared thermography also detects when internal components are going bad, such as internal contacts of motor starters, circuit breakers, and lighting contactors. Infrared inspections are reliable, accurate, and can be used on a variety of electrical and mechanical equipment.

Infrared Thermography Saves You Money By:

Identifying and thus decreasing the potential risks of fire, providing your building occupants a safer environment to be in. That savings alone is priceless!

  • Reducing downtime from unexpected failures

  • Finding minor issues before they turn into major problems

  • Allowing you to plan for repairs rather than unplanned emergency service calls and downtime.


Additionally, check with your insurance company as they may offer a discount for proactively reducing your risks of fires.

Some suggested Infrared Thermography applications include:

  • Electrical inspections (i.e., circuit panels, fuse boxes, etc.)
  • Electrical motor and mechanical bearing inspections
  • Power generation generator inspections
  • Furnace internal flame evaluation and tube inspections
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment evaluations

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